Football is the name given to a number of different, but related, team sports, although the first sport with this name originated in the United Kingdom. The most popular of these world-wide is association football (also known as soccer). The English word “football” is also applied to American football, Australian rules football, Canadian football, Gaelic football, rugby football (rugby league and rugby union), and related games. Each of these codes (specific sets of rules) is to a greater or lesser extent referred to as “football” and sometimes “footy”.

These games involve:
a large spherical or prolate spheroid ball, which is itself called a football.
a team scoring goals and/or points, by moving the ball to an opposing team’s end of the field and either into a goal area, or over a line.
the goal and/or line being defended by the opposing team.
players being required to move the ball mostly by kicking and – in some codes – carrying and/or passing the ball by hand.
goals and/or points resulting from players putting the ball between two goalposts.
offside rules, in most codes, restricting the movement of players.
in some codes, points

Garena Gaming lets football fans ‘be the one’ with launch of FIFA Online 3 ‘Messi’s Arrival – I am the one’ campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi Thailand

11Saatchi & Saatchi Thailand has won Asia’s biggest online gaming company, Garena, with the launch of the FIFA Online 3 campaign ‘I am the one’.
The campaign was released the day before Argentina’s Lionel Messi set foot on the world stage at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and celebrates the idea that through FIFA Online 3 anyone can ‘be the one’.


Saatchi & Saatchi Thailand’s Executive Creative Director, Nuntawat Chaipornkaew said, “We are really excited to be working with such a progressive company like Garena. This campaign lets South East Asians experience the FIFA World Cup – just like Messi.”

The campaign for the free-to-play multiplayer online football game was teased with the media hijacking of football news websites by replacing actual football stars mentioned in news articles with that of Thai game players, and launched through a stirring film dubbed ‘Messi’s Arrival’.

An interactive version of the film can be accessed at the website where viewers can insert their own faces into the film to ‘be the one’ and also join the world’s

FIFA Online 3 Lets Players Experience a Challenge on an International Level

10It doesn’t matter if you’re a soccer fan or not, the Fifa World Cup is something that grabs the attention of the whole world. Of course, you can’t participate in the tournament on the pitch, but online gamers can find a virtual substitute in the new “2014 World Cup Brazil Mode” of FIFA Online 3, the massively multiplayer online football game.

In World Cup Mode, players can experience the challenge on an international level with their preferred teams. Enhanced graphics, improvement in strategies and the latest players based on real World Cup squads are a major pull. Gamers flocked to the launch of the game last week in Bangkok to witness the online tournament, while others attended to buy special promotional items available only at game events.

“The part that I like most about this game is the ranking feature that lets players compete with others globally,” said Sing, a Matthayom 6 student and an avid gamer who attended the launch.

The real World Cup features 32 teams, but in the game you can choose

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15 key facts about FIFA 2015

Barcelona's Lionel Messi, left celebrates with teammate Neymar after scoring during a Spanish La Liga soccer match between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain, Saturday Oct. 25, 2014. (AP Photo/Paul White)1. Emotional Intelligence
FIFA 15 features Emotional Intelligence, with each player on the pitch reacting uniquely to the game situation. Your men will be down if they concede a penalty or miss a clear chance, but will be equally chirpy if they net a crucial goal. With 600 emotions possible, FIFA 15 promises a more human side to matches.

2. Unique crowds and atmospheres
In FIFA 15 each crowd will react and sound unique. Chants in Anfield will be different to the ones in the King Power stadium, and the atmosphere will change dynamically depending on what’s happening in the match.

3. Team tactics
As well as more emotion, FIFA 15 sees your opponents given significantly improved tactics. If you’re one goal down, you might find your computer controlled opponents time wasting, or even Parking

Commission Blows the Whistle Over Inflated Football Transfer fFees and Lack of Level Playing Field

9Football clubs spend around €3 billion a year on player transfers, but very little of this money trickles down to smaller clubs or the amateur game, according to a European Commission study published today. The number of transfers in European football more than tripled in the period 1995-2011, while the amounts spent by clubs on transfer fees increased seven-fold. But most of the big spending is concentrated on a small number of clubs which have the largest revenues or are backed by very wealthy investors. The situation is only increasing the imbalances that exist between the haves and have-nots, as less than 2% of transfer fees filter down to smaller clubs and amateur sport which are essential for developing new talent. The level of redistribution of money in the game, which should compensate for the costs of training and educating young players, is insufficient to allow smaller clubs to develop and to break the strangle-hold that the biggest clubs continue to have on the sport’s competitions.

“The European Commission fully recognises the

Why Big Brands Care About FIFA Online Games

8Firstly, game creator EA has launched its FIFA game series in 1993 (notable for being the first to have an official license from FIFA) and saw those become very popular even in places such as the US, which till very recently weren’t on the “soccer bandwagon.“ FIFA game series were perhaps the biggest driver, apart from real World Cup games, in cherishing and nourishing a fan base that, since the advent of TV has become worldwide and became a household item in many countries since 1993. Many of those fans play (online, real life), watch or both. Latest installments of FIFA games have not only World Cup series but include many national football league teams, which further appeals to football fans who are following national league games and other regional competitions such as UEFA Champions League. To date, the series has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling sports video game franchise in the world.

Secondly, a recent new-found coolness, which has partially resulted in showmanship of football virtuosos such as

Moya Dodd urges FIFA to Invest in Women’s Football to Boost Revenue and Image

7The 45-year-old Swiss, elected last month to replace the disgraced Sepp Blatter, has inherited an organisation in turmoil after several dozen football officials, including a number who held high-ranking FIFA positions at the time, were indicted in the United States.

At the FIFA Women’s Football and Leadership conference in Zurich, Infantino was told that “women are part of the solution” to the problems that have beset soccer’s scandal-plagued world governing body.

Dodd suggested to Infantino that women’s football was an untapped asset as the federation looks to boost its revenues.

“FIFA has a brand problem and women are part of the solution,” Dodd said

“I’ve never heard a bad thing about the Women’s World Cup, or about women’s football.”

The former Matildas vice-captain, who chaired FIFA’s task force for women’s football last year, had led the call for FIFA reforms to invest more in women’s football and give women greater representation in the organisation’s decision making.

FIFA passed a raft of reforms at the February 26 extraordinary congress which

World Cup Scandal Germany Appears to Have Bought Right to Host 2006 Tournament

6In what could turn out to be the greatest crisis in German football since the Bundesliga bribery scandal of the 1970s, SPIEGEL has learned that the decision to award the 2006 World Cup to Germany was likely bought in the form of bribes. The German bidding committee set up a slush fund that was filled secretly by then-Adidas CEO Robert Louis-Dreyfus to the tune of 10.3 million Swiss francs, which at the time was worth 13 million deutsche marks.

It appears that both Franz Beckenbauer, the German football hero who headed the bidding committee, and Wolfgang Niersbach, the current head of the German Football Federation (DFB), and other high-ranking football officials were aware of the fund by 2005 at the latest.

Acting in a private capacity, Louis-Dreyfus — who was, at the time, chairman of Adidas, the sporting apparel and supplies company that equips the German national team — lent the money to the German bidding committee prior to the decision to award the World Cup to Germany on July 6, 2000. The

World Cup

5World Cup, formally FIFA World Cup, in football (soccer), quadrennial tournament that determines the sport’s world champion. It is likely the most popular sporting event in the world, drawing billions of television viewers every tournament.

The first competition for the cup was organized in 1930 by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and was won by Uruguay. Held every four years since that time, except during World War II, the competition consists of international sectional tournaments leading to a final elimination event made up of 32 national teams. Unlike Olympic football, World Cup teams are not limited to players of a certain age or amateur status, so the competition serves more nearly as a contest between the world’s best players. Referees are selected from lists that are submitted by all the national associations.

The trophy cup awarded from 1930 to 1970 was the Jules Rimet Trophy, named for the Frenchman who proposed the tournament. This cup was permanently awarded in 1970 to then three-time winner Brazil (1958, 1962,

American Soccer Fans Dominate FIFA’s Online Audience

4For many Americans, FIFA has long been a foreign-sounding jumble of letters rather than the organization behind the World Cup, the globe’s biggest sporting event. (Where is the “S” for soccer?)

Not any longer.

Helped by the unlikely advance of Team USA in Brazil, users from within the United States now make up 20 percent of FIFA’s total global audience across its digital platforms, making America the biggest footballing nation in audience size, according to early tallies by FIFA’s digital arm. FIFA is set to release more detailed global data after the tournament’s final match on July 13., the organization’s global site, available in six languages, logged some 30 million visitors from the United States between June 1 and 26, or about 23 percent of the global audience, FIFA said. American users also account for almost a quarter of the 25 million downloads the FIFA World Cup App has logged on iOS and Android smartphones so far, making that app more popular in the United

Wolfsburg Sign One of the UK’s best FIFA Players

3Last year he represented England at the FIFA Interactive World Cup and has travelled to Las Vegas, New York and Rio de Janeiro to compete.

But he never thought he would get to play for an actual football club.

The 22-year-old signed for Bundesliga side Wolfsburg last month and reckons it won’t be too long before we see Premier League clubs getting involved.

Image caption David competing at the FIFA Interactive World Cup

As one of Wolfsburg’s two official FIFA players, David will wear their gear and represent them when he enters tournaments and streams his games online.

Speaking to Newsbeat, he says: “It’s absolutely massive for me the fact that a team like Wolfsburg have gotten involved with gaming.

“It was just something I was doing at home to start with, just playing my friends and wanting to be the best out of them, and all of a sudden I’m a part of a football club.”

So why are a big professional football

Jamaica Football FIFA Online highlights ‘Junglists’

2An article in this week’s edition of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) online magazine pays homage to the rise to form of current Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) leaders Arnett Gardens.

The article also lauded the efforts of Coach Jerome Waite, who “since taking over the hot seat again in October 2013, appears to have rediscovered the winning mentality that had been missing at the club.”

“The Junglists, as they are widely known, are currently enjoying their best season in several years. Arnett Gardens were a dominant force in Jamaican football at the turn of the millennium, winning successive national titles in 2001 and 2002 under the stewardship of head coach Jerome Waite,” the article explains.

The article goes on to point out the good position Arnett have taken up with just three games to go in the RSPL season and looks ahead to its semi-final match-up against league champions Montego Bay United.

The article was quick to point out that a big part of the

Top International Experts Join the New FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine

1With the support of some of the most recognised international experts in sports medicine, FIFA is launching a new initiative to help disseminate the latest knowledge in sports science and improve the care of players around the globe. The FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine is a free online course, accessible to all and also designed to help clinicians learn how to diagnose and manage common football-related injuries and illnesses.

Each module is written by international experts in their respective fields, sharing written content, podcasts and video examinations as well as providing links to journal articles and other resources. High-profile players also share their experiences of injury and what they learned through their recovery.

“The diploma provides an easily accessible method to disseminate the knowledge that the FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC) has gained over the past 22 years. For instance, by raising the awareness of the FIFA11+ programme alone, we may be able to reduce the incidence of football-related injury by up to 50 per cent,” says Dr Mark Fulcher, the New Zealand team doctor

Why On Earth Buy a Football Club?

AP7475821149131444323851Since the English Premier League was formed in 1992, football finances have boomed to the extent that £1m is now small change. However, it is still the case that buying a football club is unlikely to yield much of a return. Despite the significant TV and other commercial revenues, football clubs in England’s top flight still struggle to break even. This is ironic, given the goal of setting up the Premier League was to stabilise club finances.

According to the latest Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance, only half the clubs in the Premier League made an operating profit in the last football season 2012-13 (that is, profits not including net transfer expenditure).

Overall, operating profits for the 20 Premier League teams were just 4% of revenues, and when the net costs of player trading are added, there are large overall net losses.

In the lower divisions where revenues are a fraction of that of the Premier League, the situation is not pretty. In the Championship, which is the second

Detroit City Football Club Looks to Kick it up to Pro Level

Detroit_City_Football_Club_Cass_Tech.jpg&MaxW=1400&MaxH=1400The Detroit City Football Club intends to transition from a fourth-tier semipro team to a higher-lever professional club after the season, its owners said. And that could involve building a soccer-specific stadium in the city.

As the club prepares for its season opener against AFC Cleveland at 7:30 p.m. May 15 at Cass Tech High School, ownership remains in talks with investors, said team co-owner Sean Mann.

The goal is in 2016 to move to the 24-team Tampa, Fla.-based United Soccer League or the 11-team New York City-based North American Soccer League, he said. They’re the third and second-tier levels of pro soccer in the U.S., respectively, underneath Major League Soccer.

“It’s a matter of putting together an ownership group that has a certain net worth and a facility,” Mann said. “It all comes down to money. We’ve developed a fan base that appeals to higher leagues. It makes it an appealing market. We proved we can get people to come downtown

The Founding of Celtic Football Club 1888

walfrid-and-mcneil-montageThe reasons behind the founding of Celtic Football Club were largely connected to the desperate conditions in which the working-class Irish immigrant community in Glasgow’s east end found itself in during the late 1880’s. Severely overcrowded, poverty-stricken, starved of food, as well as employment, and in poor quality housing, the area certainly did the not have its problems to seek. To add to these social problems, Irish immigrant numbers were still steadily increasing, with many of their numbers competing with those who were already in Glasgow, as well as the indigenous Scots population, for what little paid work was available at the time. Relationships became strained and tension, indeed often hostility, between Irish and Scots was an inevitable result of this.

Into this background came the main player in the founding of the club; born as Andrew Kerins in Ballymote, County Sligo, Brother Walfrid was a Marist priest and Headmaster of Sacred Heart School. A tireless community worker for the deprived Catholic residents of Glasgow’s east end, Brother Walfrid saw the new

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Slot games account for a staggering 70 percent of all gaming revenue. What does this mean for you? There are big chances you will go home with empty pockets unless you know effectives strategies to increase your odds. Since every slot game and every slot machine is programmed to give less paypack than the amount of money it takes in, some people woud say that you can’t beat the slots. We are going to present to you 10 secrets and strategies that’ll improve your play.

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  1. Difference Between Classes in Slot Machines

In case that you are playing at land-based slot machines, know that one of the largest secrets in the casino industry is the use of different classes: class II and class III machines. Manufacturers started creating machines that look pretty much the same, even though they are from different classes. In a nutshell, what is the main difference between them? Class II slot machines are not completely random. You can hit the jackpot on class III machines, but you can’t do that on the second type (class

Liverpool Fc

Liverpool Football Club is an English football club based in Anfield Park, Liverpool. The club, also known by the nickname “The Reds”, is one of the most successful clubs in England. Liverpool’s colors are red and white; their home colors are red and away colors are all white. The club’s badge presents a liver bird inside the shield, as a traditional symbol of Liverpool. Liverpool’s anthem is “You’ll never walk alone”; this phrase is also written on the stadium gates.

Liverpool FC was founded in 1892 by the holder of Anfield stadium. The club has won their first Football League championship in 1901 and a second championship in 1906. Liverpool has won eighteen English League titles, five European Cups, FA Cups and League Cups.

Liverpool’s longest traditional rivalry is with Everton, Merseyside team, after a dispute with Everton officials. Liverpool has a rivalry with Manchester United because of the success, which both club share. Liverpool fans were involved in several disasters; the most known of them is the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, when overcrowding caused the deaths of 96 fans.

Liverpool has a large fan base and the fourth-highest average attendance. Liverpool fans call themselves “Kopites”, meaning “on the Kop at Anfield”. They

Miroslav Klose – Up and Close

His tally of 39 goals for the national team in 78 outings tells a lot about Miroslav Klose, he hasn’t fired yet but in the knock out stage German’s journey to final four will depend upon his performance.

Miroslav Klose

In the absence of Lukas Podolski against Portugal on Thursday would have added strategic woes to Joachim Löw’s but he is hoping Klose to get his acts together.
Being the highest scorer in the team, Klose has to fire all his tactics on the pitch when he will face Portuguese defence. Scolari’s men will not be an easy target this time around for him, the line of defence which consist of Pepe, Miguel, Ricardo Carvalho and Deco’s run from midfield will be tough to tear.

Miroslav Klose

The Golden Boot winner of 1996 World Cup believes in ‘giving everything’ and Löw is confident about his forward, he often praised his efforts in the nets, soon Klose will get close to his lost form.

His last appearance in 2004 Euro was forgetful, he turn on the pitch twice as substitute but didn’t made any impact to Germany’s abysmal performance in Portugal.

Miroslav Klose

Before coming to the competition Klose

History of Soccer

The history of soccer can be traced back to almost every country of origin. The game was so accessible that men of every status could afford to play. It’s easy to imagine that games of kicking a ball or something that resembles a ball have been around for thousands of years. The ancient Romans and Chinese are credited with the very first signs of soccer. China used to play games similar to football as far back as three thousand years ago and the Romans used to keep there warriors fit with football. A number of other countries laid claim to the sport as well including Japan, England, Italy and South and Central America.

Credit with the formal development of soccer history is rightfully given to England. They were the first to start incorporating rules and form associations or leagues. Around 1863 they began to separate soccer from rugby and formed the first Football Association. Teams from around the London area came together and began to formulate the basic rules that were agreeable by everyone. These included the size of the field, number of players and rules regarding contact. Ironically it wasn’t until six years later that the hand ball or no